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There are many weddings in Merrylea Parish Church each year. Generally, use of The Church is granted to those who live in the Parish or who have a connection with the Church.

If you are thinking of getting married and wish to use the Church, please contact the Session Clerk.

Notes to help you plan your Wedding:

Legal Procedure

Application should be made to 22 Park Circus, Glasgow, six weeks before your wedding date. Both Bride and Groom have to submit a marriage notice along with their birth certificates. A Marriage Schedule is then issued.

It should be brought to the Wedding Rehearsal and left in the Vestry for the Service.

The Schedule is essential – without it the Minister cannot marry you. The Schedule must be returned to the Registrar within 3 days.

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal will usually take place one or two nights before the Wedding. The Bride, Groom, Best Man, Bridesmaids, and person giving the Bride away should all be present, if possible. Wider family are also welcome. Orders of Service, Wedding Schedule, and Fees should be brought to the rehearsal – it saves worrying about them on the big day.


It is important to try to ensure that a wonderful video and photographic record of the day is achieved, if desired by the couple. The challenge is to enable this, whilst retaining the dignity of the service.

During the wedding service guests are asked not to take photographs. Professional photographers require to consult the minister prior to the service. The nature and level of photography during the service will be discussed by the couple and the Minister prior to any instructions to the professionals. Normally, photographs are also taken at the signing of the Register, as the couple leave the church, and at the doors.

The use of video equipment must be discussed with the Minister. Locations for cameras will also be discussed with the couple prior to instructions being given to the professionals.

For copyright reasons The Church of Scotland Law Department has informed us that when a service is videoed the organist’s fee is doubled.


Please speak to the Session Clerk for further information.


The Wedding party are responsible for the provision of flowers in the Church. The Church Flower Convener will telephone prior to the service to establish whether or not flowers will be left in the Church. If they are left, they will be enjoyed by the congregation before being delivered to the bereaved/housebound/nursing homes. There is no obligation to leave flowers – we simply ask so that further flowers are not organised for the Sunday service if wedding flowers are already in place.

Please ensure that access to the Church is arranged in advance for the delivery of flowers, usually with the Church Officer.

With regret we have to ask you to advise guests not to throw confetti in the Church or grounds.

Fees 2020

The fee for weddings is £625 and is required to be paid I month prior to the date of the wedding. This fee covers the services of the organist and caretaker, and the exclusive use of the sanctuary. In the event of a cancellation a refund, less the £100 booking fee, will be issued. Payment may be made either by electronic transfer, cheque [payable to Merrylea Parish Church] or cash. All payments are to be made to the Minister, who holds the primary record of payments.

An additional charge of £80 will be made where a professional video recording of the wedding ceremony is carried out.

At the Church

The Ushers should be at the front door of the church at least 40 minutes before the start of the service. They are responsible for handing out the Orders of Service and for assisting people to their seats.

The Bridegroom and the Best Man should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the Service and proceed to the Vestry. They should have with them the ring or rings. The schedule should already have been delivered at the rehearsal.