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Worship which isn't real is pointless…

Worship is a word which is used to describe how we honour God and declare His worth. This is something Christians should be doing every day. However, when we come together to worship God at the regular service on a Sunday morning, or at other services, what should be taking place is a gathering together of lots of individuals already worshipping God in their day and week, to bring their individual worship and blend it with the worship of others. In this corporate act of worship the mystery of God can seem all the more powerful and present. As we ask him to hear from us, we also open our ears and lives to listen to Him.

Worship overview – our strategy explained

In common with many churches, The Kirk Session at Merrylea is keen to respond to the ongoing and increasing challenge to reflect the variety of traditions and tastes which make up the Christian Church. It is keen to include new forms of worship, and to explore old but unfamiliar traditions – whilst at the same time seeking to preserve that which is good about Merrylea’s traditions.

As a Church we are called to reach out and develop, and as our Minister, David is called to lead the Church into new avenues of service and worship. The very essence of our tradition is that our Protestant Reformed Church should be always reforming, always moving forward, always seeing God changing us. It is deeply ironic that our tradition has in some places become stuck.

The vision which is before us is to introduce a variety of worship styles which are able to complement one another, without doing away with the traditions which retain value and meaning for many. This will allow our services to be more attractive to those who have not grown up in the life of the Church, and who therefore find some Church traditions alien and lacking in relevance. In turn this will assist us as we seek to fulfil the great commission to make new disciples. In short, we may find we have to give up a little to gain a great deal. In that we follow our Saviour – who gave up everything, to win the ultimate Victory.


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