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Main Service

Our main service each week is on Sunday at 11.00am. Making full use of tastefully installed screens and state of the art sound system, services are lively and varied, whilst preserving the key traditions of Church of Scotland worship. The main screen is used each week, but can be withdrawn at the touch of a button, which is often preferred when there is a wedding or funeral taking place. Hymns and songs are from the new Church Hymnbook and/or the Mission Praise hymnbook. Members of the congregation regularly participate in leading worship, with some special services prepared and organised by the worship committee. The screens have permitted the rediscovery of the place of ‘visual’ in worship, and the cameras means that no matter what is happening everyone has a clear view. They also permit us to record and distribute DVD’s of the service to members who are housebound or unwell.

If it's been a while since you were at Merrylea, or if you've never been but wonder what goes on, come along and find out. We hope you will find that you are welcomed without being embarrassed, made to feel at ease rather than interrogated! If you are visiting for the first time please simply tell a member of the welcoming team at the front door, and they will ensure you receive whatever level of support you wish as you discover more about the church and the worship service.

Communion Services

There are four main Communion Services each year. Two of these are ‘all-age’ and the children are fully included and two are adult only. This reflects the desire to embrace the future without dispensing with the past.

Our church in the Community

The Minister and Kirk Session work hard to look after the Church members, as well as serving the needs within the Parish. There are very strong ties with local churches of several denominations, and the minister is a joint Chaplain at Merrylee Primary School. The Church runs many organisations and activities for all ages, as well as hosting a number of community based clubs who use the premises for their meetings. Our Church building is rarely a quiet place - although there are times when the Church is opened for quiet reflection and personal prayer.


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