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Doing worship a new way

Following the enthusiastic response from the congregation to the innovative style of the summer services the Minister asked the Kirk Session to discuss and consider the implications. As a result the second service each month from January to June will follow a style similar to last summer’s services. These services have nothing planned in advance and are constructed the congregation as the service progresses. This is not some random chaos, but a considered approach to employing the principle of ‘the priesthood of all believers’ and believing that God’s Spirit can and does use everyone to minister to others. The experience last summer was that these services drew unexpected and at times deep theological questions, as well as moving testimony and prayers. Please see the overview of worship to find out when the next 'Freestyle' services takes place.

The difficult questions

Another development of worship is the invitation to the congregation to identify topics or questions which they wish addressed at worship. A challenging selection of topics was the result and we looked at these over several services in the first few months of 2016. Questions and topics included the issue of suicide, length of life, Christian response to Islam, and same sex relationships.

Whilst this series has concluded, the minister is always happy to receive questions, suggestions and requests


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