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Church Profiles

Click on the Photographs below to find out more about individuals that help run Merrylea Parish Church.

Rev David Hood, Minister  Margaret McLennan, Pastoral Assistant  Max Hartman, Session Clerk  Donald Thomas, Treasurer  Eric Tannahill, Church Officer  Byron Myrden, Church Officer 

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Session Clerk

Max Hartman

E: info@merryleaparishchurch.org.uk

My name is Max Hartman, I was not baptised at Merrylea, but my mother took me to Sunday School, and I can remember being taken through from Church to Sunday School, past the prayer desk and that man in black, the Rev John MacLaggan!

I continued through to Bible Class and through time became a Church member. My Church connection was broken by two years National Service in Korea and Japan.

Having been in Scouts, I returned from the Army to eventually become Scoutmaster of the B troop. By this time, I had met and married my wife, Anne, and had two girls and two boys. Unfortunately, our elder son died at the age of 51/2. Anne and the family attended church regularly, but as I worked in the family’s nursery business – a seven day job with long hours – I am afraid the Church was the loser.

After selling the business and having a five day week with the then Scottish Development Agency., I attended more regularly. I became an Elder in 1977, and have been a member of the Fabric Committee, Grounds and Halls Convener, and have acted as Church Officer at various times.

The last thing I ever expected I would be was Session Clerk, and the decision took a lot of thought, as I have known many fine Clerks in my time.

Wishing you God's Blessing,

Max Hartman
Session Clerk


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