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Church Profiles

Click on the Photographs below to find out more about individuals that help run Merrylea Parish Church.

Rev David Hood, Minister  Margaret McLennan, Pastoral Assistant  Max Hartman, Session Clerk  Donald Thomas, Treasurer  Eric Tannahill, Church Officer  Byron Myrden, Church Officer 

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Church Officer

Eric Tannahill

E: info@merryleaparishchurch.org.uk

My name is Eric Tannahill. I grew up in Cathcart and spent half my life there and have spend the rest in Newton Mearns. I was a Motor Mechanic and then spent 35 years as a taxi driver in Glasgow. I was retired for 6 months and decided it was time to give my wife of 44 years some peace and get a part time job. I have three daughters and six grandchildren and any time I have left I enjoy walking, cycling, DIY and cooking.

Eric Tannahill
Church Officer


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