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Church Profiles

Click on the Photographs below to find out more about individuals that help run Merrylea Parish Church.

Rev David Hood, Minister  Margaret McLennan, Pastoral Assistant  Max Hartman, Session Clerk  Donald Thomas, Treasurer  Eric Tannahill, Church Officer  Byron Myrden, Church Officer 

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Church Minister

David Hood (Rev)

T: 0141 637 6700

E: info@merryleaparishchurch.org.uk

My name is David Hood and I am the Minister of Merrylea Parish Church. I came to Merrylea in October 2001, after nearly five years as Minister at Townhead, Coatbridge. In some ways I feel as if I came back home as I was brought up not far from here. When I left school I joined the Clydesdale Bank and worked in several of their branches throughout Glasgow for 6 years. After this I went to Glasgow University and studied for my Divinity degree. I thought that I was destined to go into the Parish Ministry at that time, but I discovered God had different plans. I ended up working for The Church of Scotland's Department of Mission. Based at St Ninians Centre, Crieff [sadly closed in 2001] I spent a few years as Youth Officer at St Ninian's Centre and National Missions Co-ordinator.

I was accepted for The Parish Ministry and returned to Glasgow to take on a post-graduate year at the University, whilst serving student placements at Eaglesham Old and Carswell, and Williamwood Churches. Following this I was Probationer Assistant at Stonelaw Church in Rutherglen for 18 months. Whilst a student and at other times I have been employed as a book-keeper, chauffeur, garage console operator, bakery worker, shop assistant, and care worker at Westhaven, Burnside - a Church unit for adults with Epilepsy and learning difficulties.

I have always been very impressed by the people of Merrylea. They are a warm and friendly people who love their Church and their God. The congregation has a wide age range and a lively, happy tone to it. There is a real desire to embrace change, and develop as God leads. All decisions are taken in a common sense way, with a strong sense of encouragement always present for those who are working to maintain and improve the life and witness of the Church. Along with many Churches in Scotland and beyond, Merrylea faces the challenges of numerical decline and changes in patterns of behaviour within the community and culture it serves. In uncertain times we are grateful to follow a reliable Saviour.

You may wonder what it might be like to attend a service. It would be fair to describe worship as predominantly traditional in character. We are carefully trying to develop our worship and introduce elements from the International Church and from modern praise styles. We are concerned not to remove and discard forms of worship which are important to many of our members, whilst at the same time we are keen to introduce alternative styles for other tastes and personalities. It is important to me that our worship is relevant and real. For most people in society there are many questions and struggles, many uncertainties and doubts. Faith has a great deal to offer because God has a great deal to offer.

For more information about that deal – why not come along to one of the services, and if you wish, why not ask to discuss it with me? At Merrylea you will not be given a ‘quick fix’ ‘sticking plaster’ answer to cover things over – rather you will be welcomed among a people who are journeying together in faith, seeking to understand more about what that journey means.

We do not claim to have all the answers, and at times we are still working out what the actual questions are – but we do offer a church which has integrity, dignity and realism at its core. We believe in God. We trust Him. We accept His love as shown most powerfully through His Son Jesus. We welcome the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in our lives. And we do so to the best of our ability, in good times and bad. The church halls are rarely quiet as they host all manner of organisations and groups – church based and community based. There is generally a lot of laughter and great warmth among the groups which meet in the halls.

It is also important to recognise that for most of us, life involves difficulty and distress at some point. We are actively working to improve our response to bereavement, illness, and issues of immobility and isolation. In Christ's name we wish to offer Christ's love and care. This task will always be able to use as many people as are willing to assist.

As part of our commitment to those with disability or frailty we record and post DVD’s each week. We have a newly employed and very effective Children’s Worker heading up our team who work with the children each Sunday. If you are looking for somewhere to attend a service, why not try us here at Merrylea, and introduce yourself? If you would like to attend any of our services please visit us, or contact us through the website. You can be assured of a warm welcome, irrespective of your age, gender, race, sexuality, or background. Wishing you God's Blessing,

David P. Hood


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