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There are many sets of circumstances which can lead to requests for baptisms. The only person ordinarily permitted to conduct a Baptism within the Church of Scotland is an Ordained Minister.

Usually baptisms take place in the Church, and usually within the context of morning worship. Sometimes there are specific reasons for holding a baptism outwith the Church [i.e. in hospital, at home etc] or in the Church at a time other than the main service.

Within the Church of Scotland there are many child baptisms, and these would involve the use of a font and sprinkling of the child with water. Some people [mistakenly] think that full immersion baptism is only a Baptist Church practise, but this is not the case. It is open to a Church of Scotland Minister to baptise with full immersion, and baptisms have taken place using a swimming pool, a neighbouring Baptist Church tank, and even Loch Lomond! You may wish to quiz me about why the different churches have different ways of baptising, and why all the main denominations including The Church of Scotland will baptise infants when some other denominations will not.

The Church has several laws which govern the Ministers response to a request for baptism. These are in place to protect the sacrament and ensure that we recognise how important the baptism is. I have never said "No" to a request for baptism in all the years I have been in Parish Ministry, and would always wish to be able to proceed with a request. That does not mean that everyone who has asked me to baptise their child has chosen to proceed with their request, once they have found out a bit more about it all, but in most cases we have been able to enjoy a happy and meaningful baptismal service at a mutually convenient date.

If you are interested in being baptised, or having your child baptised, or just want to know a bit more about it all, please contact me to arrange a suitable appointment, either at your home or in the Church Vestry.

Contact Details

David Hood (Rev)

T: 0141 637 6700


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